Help The Mustangs Be Successful.


It's Almost Time To Volunteer. We're looking for help with all types of tasks, from timing, delivering times (running), and feeding our hungry Mustangs.
At the Booster Club/Registration Meeting, scheduled for October 17th, at 7 PM in the KMHS Cafeteria, you'll be asked to draft, at minimum, two (2) checks. One (1) check for the Registration Fee, and (2) a second check in the amount of $75.00 for our Volunteer Fee. If you wish to purchase Spirit Wear, a third Spirit Wear check will be required.

After the Booster Meeting, we'll open up SignUp Genius to the masses. SignUp for your three (3) volunteering spots and get your $75 check back at the end of the season, in Spring, at the Swim Banquet in March 2023. Note that if you don't signup and fulfill your three tasks/duties, we'll simply deposit your check at the end of the season.

Please draft the Volunteer Check, using the information below.
We've also provided an example below.

  • Date the check: March 31st, 2023
  • Make the check out to: Kennesaw Mountain High School Swim & Dive
  • Add Note: Volunteer Fee

Helpful Tips

For those of you who are new to the program, here are a few tips...

1. For workers and spectators - meets can get very hot and crowded. Dress for comfort and the possibility of getting your feet wet, especially if you are a timer or runner. Also, most pools have metal bleachers, so bringing a cushion or stadium seat isn't a bad idea.

2. Parking can be limited, depending on the number of teams coming to the meet and how early you get there. Plan accordingly.

3. Bring cash for admittance, heat sheet(s) (if desired) and concessions.

4. Timers will have a meeting with officials at some point during warm-ups to go over timing procedures. Please listen for that announcement.

5. Food and drinks are not allowed on pool deck.

6. Enjoy yourself and cheer for both your favorite Mustang, and the entire Mustang team!

7. Please be aware of those around you. Just because your swimmer isn't in a heat, someone else's swimmer is. Try to not block the view of those around you.