Patti Wilder Cobb County Meet

The Mustangs had a good outing at the Patti Wilder GRPA State Qualifying Swim Meet, held on June 30th, July 1st 2018, at the Mountain View Aquatic Center. This meet is a state qualifying meet, and each swimmer may register for three (3) individual events, and two (2) relays.

The men finished in 5th place in the County Championships, scoring 50 more points than they did last year, their 16th straight Top 6 finish. The JV men placed in 3rd place in the county meet.

The women also placed 5th in the County Championships, their 14th year in the Top 5. On the the individual side, we received two (2) county champions, and four (4) county medalists.

Notable mentions include the following:

Marietta Daily Journal (MDJ) All-County

1st Team: Addie Rose Bullock, Gabby Auerbach, Karsten Dixon

Cobb Swim Coaches Association(CSCA) All-County:

1st Team: Addie Rose Bullock, Gabby Auerbach, Karsten Dixon

2nd Team: Amanda Charleston, Ben McClain, Connor Haigh

Honorable Mention: Zach Lowe

Here are the top 20 finishers for the Lady Mustangs:

  • 200 Medley Relay - Gabby Auerbach, Brinson Griffeth, Addie Rose Bullock, Amanda Ware (4th Place)
  • 200 Freestyle - Gabby Auerbach (3rd Place)
  • 200 IM
    • Addie Rose Bullock (Champion)
    • Amanda Charleston (4th Place)
    • Amanda Ware (13th Place)
    • Megan Peterson (20th Place)
  • 50 Freestyle
    • Brinson Griffeth (18th Place)
    • Celine Jarvis (20th Place)
  • 100 Butterfly
    • Addie Rose Bullock (Champion)
    • Amanda Charleston (6th Place)
    • Caitlyn Yap (19th Place)
    • Jenna Ardagna (20th Place)
  • 100 Free - Celine Jarvis (18th Place)
  • 500 Freestyle
    • Gabby Auerbach (Champion)
    • Harper Scott (17th Place)
  • 200 Free Relay - Celine Jarvis, Jenna Ardagna, Brinson Griffeth, Amanda Charleston (4th Place)
  • 100 Breaststroke
    • Brinson Griffeth (5th Place)
    • Amanda Ware- (9 Place)
    • Jules Koebel- (18 Place)
  • 400 Free Relay - Gabby Auerbach, Amanda Charleston, Amanda Ware, Addie Rose Bullock (3rd Place)
  • Diving
    • Lanie Cantrell (12th Place)
    • Lexie Fuson (15th Place)

Here are the top 20 finishers for the Mustang Men:

  • 200 Medley Relay- Ben McClain, Connor Haigh, Aidan Sherlock, Brett Reason (4th Place)
  • 200 Freestyle - Zach Lowe (8th Place)
  • 200 IM - Connor Haigh (9th Place)
  • 50 Freestyle
    • Brett Reason (7th Place)
    • Nick Carlin (16th Place)
    • Aidan Sherlock (19th Place)
  • 100 Butterfly
    • Ben McClain (8th Place)
    • Aiden Sherlock (10th Place)
  • 100 Free
    • Ben McClain (6th Place)
    • Brett Reason (11th Place)
    • Nick Carlin (20th Place)
  • 500 Freestyle - Ethan Merino (7th Place)
  • 200 Free Relay - Nick Carlin, Connor Haigh, Aidan Walsh, Zach Lowe (7th Place)
  • 100 Breaststroke
    • Connor Haigh (4th Place)
    • Jake Carson (19th Place)
  • 400 Free Relay - Zach Lowe, Brett Reason, Ben McClain, Aidan Sherlock (4th Place)
  • Diving
    • Karsten Dixon (2nd Place)
    • Braden Hester (6th Place)

Here are the top JV finishers for the Mustangs.
The Men finished 3rd, the women finished 4th, and the team finished in 3rd Place.

  • 200 IM - Mitch Jaquish (Champion)
  • 50 Freestyle - Sean Frisbee (Champion)
  • 200 Free Relay - Sean Frisbie, Jack Mollohan, Connor Slade, Cory McNeir (2nd Place)
  • 400 Free Relay - Cory McNeir, Jack Mollohan, Eli Morin, and Mitch Jaquish (2nd Place)
  • 100 Freestyle - Cory McNeir (2nd Place)
  • 100 Backstroke - Connor Slade (2nd Place), Cory McNeir (4th Place)
  • 100 Butterfly - Mitch Jaquish (2nd Place)

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