2019 Battle Of Due West

The What: Battle of Due West Harrison Meet

The Where: Central Aquatic Center

The When: November 16, 2019; 6:30 PM

The Battle of Due West was the second meet of the year...and one of our most competitive.

Two Teams Entered. One Team Won.

The Kennesaw Mountain Mustangs are always a tough match-up for Harrison. Many of the swimmers know each other, from year-round and summer swim leagues, as well as church and other activities. Unfortunately, the Hoyas came out on top for second year in a row. The Mustang men were very competitive and the women gave the Hoyas a run for their money.

Thanks to everyone that came out in support of the team, and thanks to everybody that volunteered to help put on this event.

Battle of Due West Participating Schools:


232.5 - 1st Place : Harrison Hoyas
201.5 - 2nd Place : Kennesaw Mountain High School


224 - 1st Place : Kennesaw Mountain High School
215 - 2nd Place : Harrison Hoyas


456.5 - 1st Place : Harrison Hoyas
416.5 - 2nd Place : Kennesaw Mountain High School

Congratulations to the Harrison H2OYAS for swimming well. We'll get you next year!

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