Lettering Requirements

  • Practices
    • 90% of all practices must be attended.
    • There will be four to five make-up practices for those who need them.
  • Meets
    • All meets must be attended unless approval to miss is given by the Head Coach. If a meet is missed without approval by the Head Coach, it could cost you from lettering.
    • If a meet is going to be missed, you must give TWO weeks notice to the Head Coach.
  • Other
    • Letters MAY also be earned based on the amount of points that a swimmer or diver earns during the meets.
    • Possible lettering achievements:
      • Score in 1/2 of the meets
      • Score a total of fifty (50) points over the course of the year
      • Make a county qualifying time standard in an individual event
      • Also must be deemed a “varsity level swimmer” on the team

Even though we are a varsity level sport, it DOES NOT mean every swimmer or diver will letter. We will swim at least two JV meets this season.
You must meet five of the six qualifications to learn a letter.
Final decision on whether a swimmer or diver will letter is in the hands of the Head Coach and the coaching staff!!!