Check Out Our Success.


This 2018-2019 Season was a fantastic success. We started out well, and finshed having our best season ever. To see how we did week to week, check out the news.

We met and exceeded several goals, and the team and coaches should be proud of our performance. Take a look at the numerous highlights from the 2018-19 season.


  • Won 4 Invitationals
         Greyhound Relays, Savannah Inv., Mountain Madness, & Spartan-Mustang Sprints.
  • Placed 2nd at the Cobb Relays; tied for their highest finish ever.
  • Broke 1 school individual record.
  • Had 6 county champions and 6 county medalists, winning 9 medals.
  • Had 2 state champions and a won 3 state medals (ALL GOLD).
  • Had 3 swimmers and divers named 1st team All-County by CSCA and 1 named 2nd team.
  • Had 2 swimmers named 1st Team All-County by the MDJ.
  • Had 1 swimmer and 1 diver named 1st Team All-State and 3 named 3rd Team All-State, and 1 named Honorable Mention by the GHSSCA.
  • Placed 4th at the County Championships, their 15th straight year in the Top 5.
  • JV Girls placed 4th at County.
  • Placed 7th at state in 7A- Top 20 at state for the 8th straight year, 6 Top 10 finishes in the last eight years.

  • Men

  • Won 5 Invitationals
         • Twin Challenge
         • Greyhound Relays
         • Savannah Invitational
         • Mountain Madness
         • Spartan-Mustang Sprints.
  • Beat Harrison for the 9th year in a row.
  • Had 2 divers and 2 swimmers named 1st team All-County, 2 swimmers named
        2nd team All-County and 1 named honorable mention by the CSCA.
  • Had 1 swimmer named 1st Team All- State, 1 diver named 3rd team All-State
        and 4 swimmers named Honorable Mention by the GHSSCA.
  • Finished 2nd at the County Championships, our highest finish since 2006
        and their 17 straight top 6 finish.
  • Broke 5 ind. school records (3 Swimming / 2 Diving) and 1 relay record.
  • Broke 1 county record.
  • JV Boys placed 4th at County.
  • Men


  • Won 6 Invitationals- Cobb Relays (1st ever team title)
          Twin Challenge, Greyhound Relays, Savannah Invitational, Mountain Madness and Spartan-Mustang Sprints.
  • Finished 3rd at County, our 15th straight Top 5 finish.
  • Finished 3rd at JV County for the 2nd year in a row.
  • Broke 6 individual team records and 4 team relay records.
  • 1st time ever that the Boys (8th) and Girls (7th) programs finished in the Top 10 together at State Championships.
  • Finished 6th at State (our highest finish ever) for the program. We have had 8 Top 20 finish in the last nine years.
  • Women

    Danielle Loveless Coaches Award

    On September 26th, 2002, A wonderful Kennesaw Mountain Swimmer was taken from us. Each year since her passing, and to continually remember her, and keep her wonderful legacy going, we recognize a few KMHS Swimmers who exemplify Danilele's work ethic and values. Congratulations to this years winners...

    • Braden Hester
    • Ryan Alford
    • Halli Watson
    • Madison Soucie

    Season Award Winners

    While the entire Mustang Team performed well, these swimmers stood out from the crowd.
    If you see them, tell them congratulations on producing all season long.


    Ben McClain, Brett Reason, & Bowen Spackman
    Lexi Taylor & Gabby Auerbach


    Cory McNeir & Adam O’Brien
    Addie Rose Bullock & Joy Beth Kidd


    Aidan Sherlock & Zach Lowe
    Addie Rose Bullock & Jenna Ardagna


    Connor Haigh & Mitch Jaquish
    Amanda Ware & Jules Koebel


    Peyton Howell
    Halli Watson

    Mustang Sr. Leadership

    Aidan Sherlock
    Caitlyn Yap


    Karsten Dixon, Ben McClain, & Connor Haigh
    Addie Rose Bullock, Gabby Auerbach, & Kyler Dixon

    Post Season Award Winners

    These Mustangs performed well after the regular season had ended. Great job representing.

    CSCA All-County

    Women's Swimmer of the Year - Addie Rose Bullock
    Men's Diver of the Year - Karsten Dixon
    2018-19 Team Coach of the Year - David Reason

    GHSSCA All-State

    7A Swimmer of the Year - Addie Rose Bullock
    7A Diver of the Year - Kyler Dixon

    CSCA All-County

    • 1st TEAM
    • Addie Rose Bullock
    • Gabby Auerbach
    • Kyler Dixon (Diving)
    • Karsten Dixon (Diving)
    • Connor Haigh
    • Ben McClain
    • Braden Hester (Diving)
    • 2nd TEAM
    • Brett Reason
    • Amanda Ware
    • Aidan Sherlock
    • Zach Lowe

    MDJ All-County

    • Coming Soon